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A constant crime in the mediterranean

Research – Analysis and Data Visualization by Thanassis Troboukis


Click anywhere on the map for more information. Built with Kepler.gl and mapbox.

Since 2014, 18886 refugees and migrants have died or gone missing in their attempt to reach Europe. For every point depicted on the map there has been a deadly incident involving people who attempted to migrate through one of the three Mediterranean routes: the central, eastern or western.

The size of each circle depicts the number of victims in the particular incident. The data were extracted from the Missing Migrants Project of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The Missing Migrants Project has developed a comprehensive database available to anyone who wants to read the aggregated data. Additional statistics and charts can be found on the Missing Migrants website.

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Refugee camps in Greece

Refugee camps in Greece

In addition to the overcrowded Reception and Identification Centres (RIC) in the five Aegean islands, there are currently 27 more hosting structures for asylum seekers in the mainland of Greece.

A visual representation of Australia’s devastating fires

A visual representation of Australia’s devastating fires

Fires in Australia are estimated to have burned 107,000 square kilometers, nearly the size of mainland Greece (132,049). 28 people died and more than a billion animals killed in wildfires that have been burning the country since autumn 2019.

The curse of the “rich” countries

The curse of the “rich” countries

The term resource curse refers to that situation in which countries with an abundance of natural resources, such as fossil fuels and certain minerals, appear to have lower economic growth, less democracy and lower index scores on peacefulness.

The most expensive and cheapest countries to live in

The most expensive and cheapest countries to live in

The cost of living in Greece remains relatively high compared to the income of the population. According to the European Job Mobility Portal, Greece is ranked 31st in the world’s general price levels.

An interactive map for filming locations in Greece

An interactive map for filming locations in Greece

On this map each point corresponds to a shooting of Greek or international film and television production as recorded on IMDB, the world’s most popular online database of information related to films and television programs productions.

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Thanasis Troboukis


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