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of the websites and digital content of SOLOMON

We are the Non-profit Civil Partnership under the name “SOLOMON ASTIKI MI KERDOSKOPIKI ETAIREIA” and the distinctive title “SOLOMON” based in Athens (6 Feron st., 10434). Aim of SOLOMON is the enhancement of the social integration of vulnerable social groups by using journalism and communication as tools for the development of skills, empowerment and awareness. SOLOMON provides communication, interconnection, information and education services, as well as informational content & audiovisual material production services.

For the SOLOMON’s legitimate purposes, as set out in detail in the Articles of Association (General Commercial Registry No. 137549001000), we run the websites under the following registered domain names: “wesolomon”, “solomonmag” and “solomon”, available at https://wesolomon.com, https://solomonmag.com and https://solomon.gr, respectively. The above websites are linked to each other; they form a unit along with the websites that compose them and the present terms and conditions of use cover the websites as a whole and as a content unity. Moreover, we communicate with the users, partners and recipients of our services and publish content through our channels, accounts and pages in audiovisual material reproduction websites and social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin. SOLOMON’s websites refer to our channels, accounts and pages in the above mentioned third parties’ websites through distinct active links-icons.

Code of ethics – Service Provision Principles

By using journalism as a tool for the achievement of SOLOMON’s purposes, we are bound by the codes of conduct and ethics for journalists and, especially, of the digital journalism, the use of multimedia and the information society. We ensure that our content, activities and educational projects conform to the guidelines set by international texts of core values and best practices, such as “ETHICAL PRINCIPLES FOR JOURNALISTS” of the Journalists’ Union of Athens Daily Newspapers (ESIEA), Global Charter of Ethics for Journalists, RTDNA Code of Ethics and Resolution 1003 (1993) of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.

SOLOMON and its partners undertake to provide their services equally, in a non-discriminatory manner based on race, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, genealogical descent, religion or other beliefs, disability, age, family or social status, sexual orientation, gender identity or other gender characteristics.

SOLOMON makes every effort so that the comments accompanying its content in audiovisual material reproduction websites and social media enable dialogue and freedom of expression, without violating the ethics and principles regulating the provision of its services. Offensive, malicious or abusive comments shall be removed directly from SOLOMON’s channels, accounts and pages.

Minor users of our services

The content of SOLOMON’s websites is not in principle unsuitable for minors, pursuant to Community and national law and, in particular, according to the criteria set in Article 7a of L. 2251/1994 (Α΄191) and Article 10 of the Consumer Code of Ethics (Α΄23) for the “protection of minors and other vulnerable groups”. In case that the content of wesolomon, solomonmag and solomon, as well as of the SOLOMON’s channels, pages and accounts in third parties’ websites, is considered by SOLOMON group unsuitable for minors, it shall be accompanied by the relevant warning to the visitors and users and parental consent will be required for the use of the services.

Intellectual Property Rights of SOLOMON (copyright)

Our content, including texts, sound and image files, videos, logos and graphics, is property of «SOLOMON ASTIKI MI KERDOSKOPIKI ETAIREIA» (6 Feron st., 10434) and is protected by the provisions of the international, Community and national law concerning the intellectual property rights. The content of SOLOMON is available to its visitors through its websites, channels in audiovisual material reproduction websites and social media accounts/pages strictly for personal use. The online presentation of this content may in no circumstances be perceived as transfer or granting of authorization or right for other use or exploitation. The use or reproduction, in whole or in part, of the above mentioned content, as well as any alteration, corruption, adjustment, translation or processing, by any means, in any medium, for any reason or purpose, without the prior written consent of «SOLOMON ASTIKI MI KERDOSKOPIKI ETAIREIA» and without specifically mentioning SOLOMON, as source, and its respective partners, as creators, is totally prohibited.

Personal Data

Please, refer to the respective section of our websites “Privacy Policy” for more information about our policy concerning personal data protection.

Donations and Sponsorships

The Non Profit Civil Partnership “SOLOMON ASTIKI MI KERDOSKOPIKI ETAIREIA” and its distinctive title “SOLOMON” accepts donations and sponsorships from third parties, either individually or as legal persons, governed by private or public law, and generally welcomes any other independent contribution in order to support and further its purposes, thoroughly and respectively expressed in detail in the aforementioned Articles of Association (General Commercial Registry No. 137549001000), as amended to date.

Acceptance of any donation or sponsorship is at the sole discretion of SOLOMON. The Company determines in detail how funds are granted or donated by third parties, providing alternatives with recurring subscriptions at regular intervals through an online based membership model program presented on the Company’s hosted web sites: https://wearesolomon.com and https://solomonmag.com, excluding the one-time payment option.

For the purposes of these actions, the Company collects and processes the personal data of users, as referred to in the Privacy Policy, in addition to financial information and data relating to every sponsorship or donation and the selected membership model / subscription, regardless of the user’s choice for anonymity towards a sponsorship / donation, in order to legally secure the financial transaction. Please refer to the respective section of our website’s “Privacy Policy” for more information concerning personal data protection.

SOLOMON does not provide tax advice and services related to the general and legal nature of grants or donations by third parties, whose obligation is to seek such information from professional experts who specialize in financial matters and tax data on donations or sponsorships.
The payment of the selected amount will be processed through the online trading provider STRIPE on behalf of the Company, solely forwarding the personal data already mentioned. SOLOMON expressly states that any natural or legal person acting as a donor or a sponsor is obliged to consult the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy of the aforementioned provider to ensure all rights in matters of an economic nature. For each completed transaction of sponsorship or donation, the Company will issue and send written proof of transaction to the user for any lawful use.

SOLOMON’s Disclaimer of Responsibility

SOLOMON, bound by its code of ethics and principles, shall endeavor to provide high quality services aiming at the achievement of its purposes. In particular, all possible efforts are being made by SOLOMON to ensure that its content offers factual journalistic information, creative audiovisual material and commentary articles. SOLOMON, though, does not guarantee that the content of its websites, channels in audiovisual material reproduction websites and social media accounts/pages will be at all times accurate and the visitors accept that they use this content on their own initiative and by undertaking the responsibility for the cross-checking of the information provided.

During the production of our content we promote and encourage freedom of expression. The content of the SOLOMON’s websites, channels in audiovisual material reproduction websites and social media accounts/pages is, though, purely for information and in no way constitutes, directly or indirectly, suggestion for action or omission. Furthermore, people’s opinions, as they are expressed in interviews and comments included in the SOLOMON’s websites, channels in audiovisual material reproduction websites and social media accounts/pages, are purely personal views and represent the ones that express them. SOLOMON and its partners record and present these opinions, but it should never be considered that they embrace or approve their content.

SOLOMON is not responsible for and it should not be considered that accepts the content of the websites and pages referenced by active links or in any other way.


For us, communication and interaction with the users of our services is of particular importance in so far as it promotes independence, multidisciplinarity and documentation of our content and ensures compliance with the principles of ethics and codes of conduct, which commit us.

For this reason, we encourage your participation in the formation of our content by conveying to us your material and ideas. Moreover, we invite you to express your opinion on our content, your critique or complaints. The group of SOLOMON takes due account of your opinion.

Contact details:


Tel.: (+30) 210 821 7067


The above mentioned terms and conditions of use of SOLOMON’s websites and other digital material are governed and supplemented by the Greek law, the European Union law with regard to personal data (GDPR) and the relevant international conventions. The said terms shall constitute an agreement between SOLOMON and the visitor of its pages. The use of SOLOMON’s websites and the other digital material presupposes understanding and comprehensive acceptance by our visitors of the above mentioned terms including our Privacy Policy, referenced clearly by the above mentioned terms. SOLOMON reserves the right to amend and renew the above terms whenever necessary. For this reason, we ask the users of our services to check each time for possible changes, given that the use of SOLOMON’s websites, channels in audiovisual material reproduction websites and social media accounts/pages presupposes acceptance of all the applicable terms.

We are grateful for your support and confidence.

Last update: 5/12/2019

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