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Sex work can be a choice


by Jenny Tsiropoulou • translated by The Language Project • photo by Nadir Noori
March 21, 2019
Despite objections, some people believe they have the right to get paid for having sex. Sex workers share their stories.

How the economic crisis in Greece affected birth rate


by Myrto Boutsi • translated by Gigi Papoulias • photo by Angel Sifontes
December 14, 2018

Young people, too weak to free themselves economically and socially, will continue to refrain from their “contractual obligations” – thus fueling the baby recession.

First they came for the Albanians


by Alexandra Tanka • translated by The Language Project • photo by Alexandra Tanka
December 5, 2018

When the Albanians first knocked the Greek family’s door to ask for a job, they did not expect -probably- such a behaviour which would stigmatize a whole generation of immigrants.

Chronicles of Zak’s case


by Alex King
October 5, 2018
The full truth of Zak’s death might never come out. This would mean that fascists can still murder with impunity in Greece.

Rat Park: The story of an experiment


by Mohamed Ben Ghuzzi • translated by Gigi Papoulias
September 26, 2018
What we know today as the art of comics was once the art of narration through images started in the caves of the pre historic days

Shedia: A somewhat different street journal


by Konstantina Konstantinou • translated by Gigi Papoulias
February 18, 2018
On the occasion of the five years since the first publication of the magazine Shedia, we visited its offices, spoke with the Editor-in-Chief Christos Alefantis and learned about the story behind the project.

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