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Giants in Agrafa: a wind farm in the heart of an environmentally-protected area


August 6, 2019
by Lazaros Beltsos • photos by #save_agrafa
Despite the urgency to produce energy with a smaller environmental footprint, authorization to install Renewable Energy Sources in protected areas raises questions − especially when compliance laws are not fully upheld.

The scenario of simple proportional representation: the Greek Parliament under different conditions of representation

Data stories

Text & Analysis / Data Visualization: Kelly Kiki • translated by Gigi Papoulias
July 10, 2019
Using simple proportional representation to explore what the composition of the current and previous Parliament would resemble and taking a hypothetical look at the past, in search of the last autonomous prime minister.

The Greek vote and the political circumstances that influenced it – A timeline covering the past four decades

Data stories

Text & Analysis / Data Visualization: Kelly Kiki • Translated by Gigi Papoulias
July 4, 2019
Historical data reveals how the Greek vote has changed since the political transition after the dictatorship, from the first parliamentary elections in 1974 to the most recent national elections in 2015.

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A story behind the hijab


by Anna Maria Jafari • translated by Gigi Papoulias • photo by Nadir Noori
July 10, 2017
An Iranian woman writes a story on Hijab and her life.

The underground Mosques of Athens


by Barbara Zaraveli & Nasruddin Nizami • translated by Gigi Papoulias
March 7, 2017
27 years after the first request for the building of a mosque in Athens, the Muslim community is still praying in places unseen by the public sphere.

When Marzia met Obama


by Marzia • translated by Gigi Papoulias • photo by Nadir Noori
December 20, 2016
Letter by a 16 year old girl from Afghanistan.

Wanted: Intercultural Mediators


by Nadir Noori • translated by Gigi Papoulias • photo by Nadir Noori
June 13, 2016
An intercultural mediator facilitates both sides to cooperatively reach a commonly acceptable solution. But who can ensure that they remain objective as defined by their competence?

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