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When Mao censored Antonioni


by Maria Sidiropoulou • translated by The Language Project
April 17, 2019
China by Michelangelo Antonioni was different from what the Maoist regime had hoped to present to the West in the 1970s.

A street without art, a city without life


by Thanos Kamilalis • translated by The Language Project
December 20, 2018
The Municipality of Athens, in cooperation with the Ephorate of Antiquities, wishes to drive craftsmen out of the center of Athens, threatening them with extinction.

LGBT in native American culture


by Angel Sifontes • edited by Vicky Kassahun Gebregiorgis
October 10, 2018
Little is known about homosexuality in the original people of America, because historically, it has been subject to an arduous homophobic censure.

Hamid: An expert carpet maker from Iran in Athens


by Mirsini Arvanitis • photo by Nadir Noori
October 2, 2018
He used to work in carpet store and began to make plans to open his own carpet business in London based on his Turkish network in Istanbul. But life had provided a different plan for Hamid.

Latin American cinema


by Angel Sifontes • edited Vicky Kassahun Gebregiorgis
September 20, 2018
Latin American cinema has always lived under the shadow of European cinema and, above all, of Hollywood.

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