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May 04, 2020

Learning again to walk

As a child her family would “escape” in the mountains in early spring walking long distances and taking pictures of the nature. Years later, being locked down in Athens, Iliana Papangeli rediscovered the city walking – with her camera in hand.

Written and Photographed by

Iliana Papangeli

Part of A story we shared Publication

Send us your Covid-19 story at astoryweshared@solomonmag.com

Written and Photographed by

Iliana Papangeli

Part of A story we shared Publication

Send us your Covid-19 story at astoryweshared@solomonmag.com

This spring found the whole world in a lockdown. In Greece, this was until today.

When I was a kid, still living with my parents and my older brother back in a village in central Greece, this would be the period of time for our first excursions in the mountains.

Raised in a family of climbers, I was determined to learn and experience the living world through walking. On these walks my parents would always carry their Nikon with them. It was a film camera, which nobody uses anymore.

It was Christmas the last time I was with my family.

We haven’t seen each other since then, but throughout the whole period of quarantine, my mother kept on sending me pictures from the old times; wild lilies, poppies, crocuses, salamanders, hawks, snakes, ladybugs, literally all kinds of flora and fauna.

My parents hold a whole archive of the pictures of flowers and animals we encountered in the mountains all these years.

For all the pictures I took during my walks in Athens over this quarantine period, and which I present here, I purposely used a grainy filter.

My intention was to portray a part of the feeling my parents’ old time pictures still hold today.

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