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Stories from COVID-19 era

What do we do and why

The spread of COVID-19, and the new measures which, day by day are changing our lives, have led us to experience unprecedented times. Experiences that none of us have ever faced before and a reality that no one quite knows how to describe.

Thus, at Solomon, we’re interested in finding ways to talk about what’s happening. We’re called to conform to measures which distance us from one another, but we want to bridge the gap of isolation and stay close to each other.

We’d like you, therefore, to turn your attention from the problem itself to the ways in which we can manage this crisis.

What do we want from you

  • What are you experiencing?
  • What has changed?
  • How is reality shaped by these circumstances?
  • What will the future be like?
  • What will the story you shared yesterday, be like tomorrow?

The goal is for all of us to narrate our shared experiences and create a live archive of eye-witness testimonies, made up of your written narrations, audio recordings and videos.

This material will make up a new, multimedia Publication, and will be published on the #SolomonMAG site.

Create an audio file, record your own thoughts, your conversations with the people you are with. You can also make a video of your message, or express your thoughts in writing. Forward this new initiative to people who you think would be interested in participating in this collective effort.

Since last week, the #SolomonMAG team has already started to collect material and testimonies which can be helpful toward this effort, on our part as well, to create, record, and try to comprehend, together, what we are all experiencing.

You can email us your material here: astoryweshared@solomonmag.com

In addition, you can always contact us via Facebook, Instagram και Twitter to share something with us or if you need additional information.

Send us your story in audio, video or text format


Send us your story in audio, video or text format


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