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The “best kept secret” of multinational call center employees


by Marialena Yannoulatou, Translated by Gigi Papoulias
May 30, 2019
Young people from around the world have found a place in the Greek labor market at global customer service call centers. Their daily work routine is a common secret.

First they took (Northern) Italy, now Lega is spreading in Europe


by Vincenzo Genovese • proofread: Gigi Papoulias
May 24, 2019
From a xenophobic party in northern Italy, to a xenophobic party that was voted into the Italian Parliament. Steadily, Lega is increasing its power, following a successful strategy where social media has played a decisive role.

The timeless victor of the European ballot box


by Tasos Yanopoulos • translated by Gigi Papoulias
May 21, 2019
In view of the European elections, it’s not difficult to guess who the most persistent winner across Europe will be.

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May day in the midst of the Greek trade unionism’s cold


by Tassos Yanopoulos • translated by Iliana Papangeli • photo Nadir Noori
May 3, 2019
While labor in Greece has been hit hard by economic recession, workers’ trust in trade unionism has been declined. The problems of Greek Trade Unions are indisputable.

The “Catalan question” in Spain’s elections


by Vincenzo Genovese • proofreading Gigi Papoulias • photo Vincenzo Genovese
May 2, 2019
It’s a few days after April 28, national elections in Spain, and the process of forming a government has not ended and it seems that it will take months. Catalonia’s secessionist trend has its share in shaping political correlations.

When Mao censored Antonioni


by Maria Sidiropoulou • translated by The Language Project
April 17, 2019
China by Michelangelo Antonioni was different from what the Maoist regime had hoped to present to the West in the 1970s.

The Carpet Show – Ep. 03 – Hijab

The Carpet Show

April 16, 2019
The Carpet Show is a platform where 2 people from the community of Solomon casually express their opinions on a social issue. This third episode is a discussion about hijab with Clara and Walaa.

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